Avlon Hair Care KeraCare Leave-In Conditioner

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Avlon Hair Care KeraCare Leave-In Conditioner

Article IconWhy Use a Leave-in Conditioner?

A powerful instant Moisturizing Complex that works like 3 conditioners in one and is great for all hair types.

What it does:
Improves the surface properties of hair while protecting against thermal and mechanical damage, and also contains sunscreens to protect against the sun’s UV rays. What else you need to know:

Leaves hair smooth with lots of sheen.
Prevent hair breakage.
Protects against damaging effects of thermal appliances.
Superior detangling for easy wet and dry combing.
Hydrates hair to produce healthier, more lustrous, softer and manageable texture.
Sunscreens protect against the cuticle-destroying effects of the sun.
Economical to use.