Large Rolling Curls - AP19-1835

Hair: Antoni Palladino

Photography: Desmond Murray

Makeup: Jo Sugar

Styling: Jamie Russell

Images: FPA

Fringy Layers -GA19-1833

Hair Color: George Alderete 

Hair: Jill Leitz 

MUA: Orlando Marin

Photography: John Rawson 

Classic Three-Strand Braid - BB19-1827

Prep damp hair with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. For thick/curly hair, saturate hair with All-Style Blow Dry. Comb through a generous amount of Bb.Gel from root to ends. Pull hair into a tight, low-pony and braid all the way down, leaving out a small section to wrap around the ponytail elastic. Secure the braid with elastic, and lock in the look with Strong Finish.

Full Frame Froth - LS19-1823

Hair - Lyndal Salmon

Salon: BIBA

Photographer - Carmen Rose 

MUA - Bernice Mansfield 

Stylist - Meggy Smith

Creative Balayage - JH18-1820

A balayage technique, in this case on a brunette, that works with a specific haircut and style to create bespoke contrast and depth.

Hair Color: Jack Howard 
Hair Styling: Zoe Irwin   
Makeup: Violet Zeng 
Wardrobe: Sabina Emmett 
Photography: Jay Mawson

Serious Sleekness - JAC16-1802

Hair: Jose Antonio Chamborro & Lagasca Team
Makeup: María García
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa
Photographer: David Arnal

Twist and Plait - LD19-17

Hairstylist: Laurent Decreton
Photography: Giel Domen
Makeup: Natacha Maillard
Stylist: Lieve Gerrits
Models: Nouk, Antoine & Ieke
PR and production: The Image Factory /Barbera Groenewegen