Versace Volume - AE19-1856

1. Using the EVY PROFESSIONAL theBOSS Hairdryer, start

with a bouncy blow-dry and create smooth not straight ends.

2. Add in a deep side part.

3.Working in one direction around the head, take 1” sections and

using the EVY PROFESSIONAL iQ-ONEGLIDE twist full 360

degrees and slide to the ends of the hair.

4. Once cooled, using a brushing out brush – EVY

PROFESSIONAL Vegan-Friendly cushion brushwork around

the head, brushing out firmly.

Louis Luxe - AE19-1855

1.Begin with dry hair, and using a light volumizer, EVY


PROFESSIONAL QUADTEC Medium Brush, revitalise hair.

2.Put in a middle part and separate the sides and back into

top and bottom sections.

3.On the bottom half of the head, take vertical sections using

the EVY PROFESSIONAL E-CURL and using an away from

the face direction, wrap the middle third of the hair around

Gucci Glam-AE19-1853


1.Start with a smooth blow-dry enhancing volume through the top

horseshoe section.

2.Using a half cm vertical section behind the ear tightly braid to

the head and secure.

3.We worked up the head in horizontal sections using the EVY


4. Using 1” square sections turn the styler 360 degrees and pull

slowly through to the ends.

5.Once you reach above the crown and crest of the head, only

Prada Perfect - AE19-1852

1. Using EVY PROFESSIONAL the boss hairdryer, and a heat

protector, dry hair to 60% dry with an EVY PROFESSIONAL

QUAD TEC PADDLE brush, wrap drying around the head.

2. In large sections, blowdry smooth with volume at the roots, all

back away from the face, using a Large EVY PROFESSIONAL

QUAD TEC brush

3. With finer hair (like our Blonde), take horizontal sections up the

head, and use the 1” EVY PROFESSIONAL iQ-ONEGLIDE

Chanel Chic - AE19-1851


1.Using EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Hairdryer and a

Heat Protector, blast dry hair to 60% dry.

2. In large sections, using the EVY PROFESSIONAL

CRYSTAL SHINE Paddle Brush with hairdryer closely

behind, blow-dry smooth.

3. With thicker textured hair, (like our brunette) use the EVY


sections the same size as the brush, to stretch the hair

Coily Mane - OCT19-1846


Hair by OSMO Creative Team

Photography by Tony Le-Britton

Makeup by Paula Maxwell

Styling by Joey Bevan


Large Rolling Curls - AP19-1835

Hair: Antoni Palladino

Photography: Desmond Murray

Makeup: Jo Sugar

Styling: Jamie Russell

Images: FPA

Fringy Layers -GA19-1833

Hair Color: George Alderete 

Hair: Jill Leitz 

MUA: Orlando Marin

Photography: John Rawson 

Classic Three-Strand Braid - BB19-1827

Prep damp hair with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. For thick/curly hair, saturate hair with All-Style Blow Dry. Comb through a generous amount of Bb.Gel from root to ends. Pull hair into a tight, low-pony and braid all the way down, leaving out a small section to wrap around the ponytail elastic. Secure the braid with elastic, and lock in the look with Strong Finish.

Full Frame Froth - LS19-1823

Hair - Lyndal Salmon

Salon: BIBA

Photographer - Carmen Rose 

MUA - Bernice Mansfield 

Stylist - Meggy Smith