Alé’s hair was platinum blonde and completely grown out, showing very little shape or style.  Stylist Rita Carda (of PON International in Anaheim Hills, California) focused on the color for this makeover, taking it to a cool brown with a shimmer of lighter brown for added depth and dimension. She cleaned up the cut, providing lots of layering to frame Alé’s face and to add a scooped out, shag-like quality to the length.

To style, Rita added a few drops of Moroccan Oil, distributing it through damp hair before layering on PON International Turn it up styling spray. The hair was flat wrapped while drying to decrease its natural overabundance of volume. Once dry, a flat iron was smoothed through the front for control and then a dab of Dü dã dü was used to piece through and detail the style.

PON International- Anaheim Hills, CA

Hair: Rita Carda

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual