Nicole Martin weaved her long locks with two colors of blond, low lighting with a medium blond for serious depth. Next, she took large triangular sections of dry hair and wrapped each in a zigzag pattern around her fingers while held in a V-shape. Leaving the ends out, she set the sections with a scrunchie, placed a hairnet over the surface to hold and then hit the hair with a blow dryer for five minutes on medium heat.

Nicole let the hair cool for about 15 minutes and then undid the scrunchies. She applied a quarter-size amount of Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion anti-frizz cream onto her hands and worked it through Sarah’s hair for soft definition. Last, she produced a twisted two-strand braid, adding beads into the mix to match her outfit. The end result is a soft, beachy wave with a subtle bohemian vibe.

Hair: Nicole Martin

Makeup: Vanessa Gibson

Wardrobe: Kasha Meyers