Rolled Topknot

For a quick up-style for your long locks, start off with dry, straight hair. Use your fingers to rake through your hair as you take a large section from on top on your head. Secure this section with a small elastic band. Gather the rest of your hair and create one large ponytail using a coated elastic band. Don't make the ponytail too tight.

Under the elastic band of the large ponytail, create a gap and then push the banded area through the gap. From the top of the ponytail burrow as needed until you can grab the elastic band that has been pushed through and then pull the entire ponytail through. Create a large loop at the end of your length using a small elastic band. Lift the ponytail and roll it up toward your face. 

Grab each side of the loop (now inside of your roll). Pin the loop into place on each side of the roll. Mist with finishing spray as needed and then add accessories as you see fit!