Brittany had a grown out A-line bob with some previous color. Stylist Kaytee Varchetto of PON International in Anaheim Hills, California first richened up her brown base then added thicker, but random, honey highlights all over.

Next Kaytee squared off the edge of the cut and then layered up the back to elevate slightly and left longer layering in the front for movement. To help blend Brittany’s new look, a highly texturized heavy side bang was added.

PON International Elevate was applied to Brittany’s damp hair at the root, then Sealant was worked in all over and Turn it up styling spray was spritzed over the top. A flat brush was used while blow-drying in back then a round brush was introduced on top for a slight lift. Once dry, Ponder Powder was sprinkled in on top for added texture and the tips were lightly flat ironed and pieced out with du da du.

Hair: Kaytee Varchetto

PON International – Anaheim Hills, CA

Make up: Sara Wayne