Best Bangs For You

Thinking of adding some fringe to accent your current hairstyle? Consider these suggestions based on face shape and hair type.

Angled bangs offer a great option for fuller faces, unbalanced features or to help soften a squared hairline. They’re also the perfect solution for growing out other types of fringe, just be sure and have them layered and or blended softly into the side so they lay better. If you tire of them quickly, simply pin them back. Any thickness of hair can work for these pushed-over, side bangs, while straight or wavy hair tends to behave the best.

Blunt bangs add a sense of intensity and drama to almost any length of hair and are best worn on longer faces or for those with more pronounced foreheads to help add balance. Brow-grazing lengths draw attention to your eyes and deflect slightly from other features. Straight hair tends to fall into place easier but coarse and wavy hair can be tamed with product and a quick swipe of a flat iron. Fine or thinner hair can work too, but a deeper section will likely need to be cut to help add the illusion of fullness.

Itty-bitty bangs are ideal for oval faces, balanced features and those who wish a more dramatic look. Because imperfections in the line tend to be more obvious when worn short, this type of fringe works best with straight hair and medium densities. If you have a difficult hairline, cowlicks in the front or have curl-prone tress, it would be best to steer clear or you’ll find yourself constantly fighting your fringe to stay in place.