Fringe Power

It's true that a fringe can make or break a haircut and set the standard for a great overall look. It's a go-to for when celebrities want a new look, as it's an easy change. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence, Sienna Miller, and Emma Watson have updated their styles by adding a simple fringe.
Fringe Power by Akin KoniziAccording to Creative Director Akin Konizi of HOB Salons in London, it's important to get the fringe right because it's the most visible part of the haircut. He explains that it's right at the front and will make the biggest difference to your overall look. The fringe will cement the character of a person, so it's vital to ensure the length and shape suit the wearer. 

Fringe Fashion
One of the key trends is a fringe that hits just below the eyebrows with a softly curved line. It's a look inspired by 1960s and 1970s fashion, although current interpretations will vary the length more, offering longer and shorter versions depending on the wearer.

Fringe Power by Akin Konizi

According to Konizi, this season, fringes will move away from the hard geometric or asymmetric styles that were popular last year. Today, they explain that it's more about slightly grown-out shapes. Fringe Power by Akin KoniziFringes are not cut as far back at the sides as they used to be, Konizi confirms, although he also claims that this shape may make a comeback soon as part of the 1980's resurgence that we are currently experiencing.
Top tips for fabulous fringes
• A fringe should be tailored to suit the specific personality of the wearer, not just their face shape. 
• A great fringe should showcase the eyes.
• Avoid using too much (or any) product on the fringe to avoid it separating and/or looking greasy.