Julianne's Shaggy Bob

Julianne Hough's Shaggy BobThis fun, above-shoulder bob shows off a shaggy finish with volume at the root and big bends through the length. Here’s how to steal Julianne Hough’s signature locks in these easy steps:
  • Prep hair by using a volumizing shampoo and a lightweight volumizing conditioner.
  • Squeeze the moisture out of your and then gently comb through.
  • Spritz on a root lift spray at the roots in front and on top of your head.
  • Blow one section at a time using a large round brush.
  • Lift sections and then roll the brush several times to create lift and rounded volume through the length.

Idea IconPRO TIP: Use a concentrator on your blow dryer to faster drying and ALWAYS aim the dryer down the hair shaft towards the ends. Why? That’s the same direction the hair cuticle lays. If you point the dryer up the hair shaft, it could lift the edges of the scale-like cuticle and cause hair to look frizzy and feel coarse.

  • Once all sections are dry, create a loose side part.
  • Mist sections with working spray and the curl away from your face using a flat iron.

Watch: How to curl with a flat iron video.

  • Add a dime-size amount of styling paste to your hands. Scrunch large sections of hair with your hands to break up the curls.
  • Hold sections up slightly and spray with more working spray to create a tousled finish.

Idea IconPRO TIP: If you have thick or coarse hair, skip the volumizing products and finish with spray wax instead of working spray.