Autumn Hair Trends

As the seasons change, there is nothing like a hair transformation to mark new beginnings. But which looks are going to be the hottest trends this season? The expert hair stylists at London hair salon Top One have scoured TikTok to bring you the hottest styles set to dominate this autumn and winter, as well as their specialist tips on how to achieve them.

Italian Bob - 6.5 million views

Via: Instagram @zendaya

2023 has truly been the year of the bob. This season, we are set to fall in love with the most sleek and full-bodied version: the Italian bob, which has boasted over 6.5 million views on TikTok.

Unlike the untamed, choppy bobs that have ruled the game in recent years, the Italian bob is all about soft volume, waves, and shine, as seen on Zendaya.

Top One expert stylists add - “The Italian bob is the perfect style to offer effortlessness and versatility. For ultimate volume and glamour, add some volumizing mousse straight out of the shower and opt for a big round brush when drying. Throughout the day, switching the side of your parting will add instant volume and revitalize the look. On low-effort days, the style can still offer a more casual, cool girl look with just a little touch of texturizing spray.” 

90s supermodel hair - 3.5 million views

Via: Instagram @chrisappleton1

A glam look that is synonymous with iconic supermodels of the 90s. Voluminous blow-outs are set to make a hot comeback this season, with over 3.5 million views for the hashtag #90ssupermodelhair on TikTok and Google searches up 150%. This look is all about an abundance of subtle layers and full roots to create maximum bounce.

Top One stylists added - “This style moves away from the more natural looks that we have become accustomed to in recent years. It does require some time and styling, but the effect is well worth the extra effort. 

“A classic blow dry with a big round brush or velcro rollers set, along with full hold products, is the best way to achieve bounce in every layer with this look. Adding dry shampoo at the roots is also a great way to add volume and freshness even days after washing. 

“If you are using heat to style this look regularly, it is an absolute must to use a good heat protectant spray to keep your hair healthy and shining.”

Birkin bangs - 1 million views

Via: Instagram @jennaortega

For those who aren’t ready to make a big chop, Birkin bangs are the perfect way to stay on trend in the coming seasons. Popularised by French actress and style icon Jane Birkin, whilst the long trailing hair is a classic and timeless look, the bangs alone can add a touch of je ne sais quoi.

With over a million views on TikTok and seen on the likes of Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway, and Jenna Ortega, it’s clear that this iconic style is back in business for this season.

Top One stylists say - “The beauty of these bangs is that they can truly be suited to anybody, with the gentle face framing complimenting any features. The key to making this style work is shiny and healthy hair. 

“We recommend opting for a hydrating hair care routine in the shower and then adding a texturizing spray to create that soft and wispy look.”


Shaggy pixie cut - 908,000 views

Via: Instagram @emrata

This season is set to see the emergence of a new cut that lies somewhere between a classic pixie and a modern shag, and the trend has emerged with 908k TikTok views and rising. 

To allow for edgy, fun texture and styling, this pixie cut is slightly longer than its classic predecessor.

Top One expert stylists commented - “This cut is perfect if you want a playful, contemporary look. We recommend using a wax or texturizing spray and styling with your fingers to create the perfect messy shape. 

“This cut is a hard one to nail and needs to be done differently for every face shape, so discuss what you’re looking for thoroughly with your stylist so that they can adjust the look and give you exactly what you’re after.”

If you’re not hitting the salon for a seasonal transformation, there are still ways to incorporate this season's hottest styles for autumn and winter. Here's one way:

Ribbons - 108.2 million views

Via: Instagram @karliekloss

With a huge 108.2 million views for #ribbonhairstyle on TikTok and vintage ribbons and shiny bows popping up on red carpets everywhere, this is a trend that is making an impact this season. 

Top One stylists say - “Try adding small ribbons on clips at the front of your hair for a subtle look or big vintage ribbons in a bow at the end of a long braid.”