Selena's Big Bends

Selena Gomez's New Wavy HairstyleHave you seen it? Selena's new hairstyle? The former Disney sweetheart recently posted these big, bold bendy waves and the internet just can't get enough! 

According to session artist Annah Anders, you too can get this slightly tousled texture in just a few steps. 

1. Start with dry, preferably second-day hair. Mist large sections with a working spray.

2. Wrap the section around the barrel of an extra-large curling iron or wand. Hold for a few seconds to set the curl and then release.

3. Continue curling sections, until all hair has been curled.

4. Flip your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the sections.

5. Add a dab of styling mud to your fingers and palms and then scrunch through the bends to tousle the texture until you are happy with the style.

6. Mist with more working spry to hold.

Voila! Instant bedhead!

Photo courtesy Instagram