NAHA 2021Winners

Every year the salon industry waits with bated breath for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) to name the nominations, let alone the winners. This year, the wait was longer than usual because of the pandemic. But that wait was clearly worth it. Join us in congratulating the 2021 NAHA winners…

Sharie Valcin

Avant Garde Hair Artist of the Year | Sharie Valcin
Fluidity Collection

Makeup Artist | Melissa Musseau
Photography | Nohemi Capetillo

Nick Stenson

Styling & Finishing Artist of the Year | Nick Stenson
Makeup Artist | Deny Adam
Wardrobe | Jennifer Daniels
Photography | Richard Monsieurs

Suzanne Sturm

Haircolorist of the Year | Suzanne Sturm
Makeup Artist | Marie Laure Larrieu
Photography | Babak

Stephan Moody

Haircutting Artist of the Year | Stephan Moody
Makeup Artist | Eric J. Allen
Wardrobe | Chase Moody
Photography | Nick Beradi

Silas Tsang

Hair Artist of the Year | Silas Tsang
Makeup Artist | Lan Nguyen Grealis
Wardrobe | Jared Green
Photography | John Rawson

Sam Villa

Educator of the Year | Sam Villa

Salon Entrenous

Team of the Year | Salon Entrenous

Hair Artists 
Julie Vriesinga, Susie Dalgleish, 
Carrie-Lynn VandenBerg & Lisa Sallabank

Makeup Artist | Florencia Taylor
Wardrobe | Julie Vriesinga
Photography | Paula Tizzard

Ammon Carver

Texture Hair Artist of the Year | Ammon Carver
Makeup Artist | Deney Adam
Wardrobe | Jennifer Daniels
Photography | Richard Monsieurs

Square Colour Salon

Salon | Square Colour

Nohemi Capetillo

Makeup Artist of the Year | Nohemi Capetillo
Photographer | Nohemi Capetillo

Danielle Keasling

Editorial Hair Artist of the Year | Danielle Keasling
Makeup Artist | Abigail Wilson
Wardrobe | Blue Belle Bridal
Photography | Zoe Christina Welsh

Ruth Roche

Hair Artist | Ruth Roche
Cappello Amore Collection

Makeup Artist | Sofi Cherynack
Wardrobe | Julie Vriesinga
Photography | Joseph Cartright

Alisha Kemp

Hair Artist | Alisha Kemp
Makeup Artist | Hannah Souvlin
Wardrobe | Keith Bryce
Photography | Keith Bryce

Nieves Almaraz

Hair Artist | Nieves Almaraz
Fade Factor Collection

Makeup Artist | Jen Gerstner
Wardrobe | Jen Gerstner
Photography | Joseph Cartright

Lauren Moser

Hair Artist | Lauren Moser
Photography | Travis Teate