GaGa's Blue Hues

Lady Gaga Blue Hues HairstyleLady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency at Park MGM has begun, and just like her songs, her mermaid hued hair is a sure hit. It’s a perfect blending of silvery blues and aqua for a wintery color effect.

Lady Gaga Blue Hues HairstyleWe recently caught up with Annah Anders, a session hairstylist who balances her time between Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Annah is a master of one-and-done color effects for her runway, video, and print advertising clients.

“Naturally the best way to get GaGa’s icy Vegas and recent red carpet look is to have a professional colorist pre-lighten your hair and expertly apply a blending of permanent color. However, that sort of application is not always practical – not everyone can rock the blues every day. In that case, I’d suggest any of these temporary measures for on-the-whim creativeness,” said Annah.

Hair Chalk
To try bold looks without the commitment to hair dye, consider the use of hair chalk. NuMe Hair Chalk is Annah’s tool of choice for super-quick color pops even while on set. 

To use, just rub on the chalk to transform strands in a few seconds. For the fullest coverage, Annah suggests twisting a small section of dry hair before you apply the hair chalk. You can also enhance the color by concentrating the hair chalk in specific areas and rubbing it in with forwards and backward motions along the section of hair. Annah suggests sealing in the chalk with a heated appliance and/or hairspray for longer wear.

Color Spray
For a fun way to spray in color with a hint of shine, Annah's go-to is Joico InstaTint. In this case, Mermaid Blue is your choice to closet match Lady GaGa’s shade. Annah uses this temporary hue spray to apply a broader mist of color on any length.

“You can either apply it overall, just on the ends or isolate sections and mist away. Use short bursts 8-10 inches away from your hair and allow it to dry. You can also layer it on to intensify the color. The spray is pretty versatile and can stay up to a few days if you so desire,” Annah added.  

Comb-in Color
To get pops of color applied where you want it Annah recommends Splat 1 Wash Temporary Hair Dye. It comes with a comb-like applicator and blending tool for easy placement. In this case, Impulsive Indigo is the best match Gaga's current shade. Annah feels that the upside with this kind of application is that the color dries into the hair and you simply wash it out. For fun single-use color, it’s a great way to live a little and then wash it all away.

This hair pro is quick to state that for all of the products mentioned above your finished look will vary depending on the condition of your hair and the lightness of it. The darker your hair, the less the color will show. She also warns that you’ll want to protect your clothes when applying and to wash thoroughly with shampoo and warm water when done with your fun.

Want to see how it's done? Here’s a tutorial on how to use 1 Wash: 

Photos courtesy Instagram.