Kylie Under Quarantine

Kylie Jenner is known as a hair chameleon for changing up her look regularly. She recently showed off her natural mid-length bob while going on a hair health journey during the quarantine. Kylie was quick to show off her light honey blonde hair, changing up her natural hair "for the first time," as she stated on an Instagram Live session with her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou. It turns out that Kylie was looking to use her time while in lockdown to keep her hair healthy.

Collective by Steven Smart

Then, Kylie pulled off yet another hair transformation, seemingly with her do-it-yourself methods. Naturally, there is some speculation that this new look is a wig. Turning on a dime, Kylie was spotted with lengthy honey blonde locks on her personal Instagram page. 

"Sending out my love and prayers (and) hoping this will all be over soon," she mentions in the caption, saying nothing about the new look. 

Whether it's a wig or a return to extensions, Kylie went for a soft balayage while posing with daughter Stormi during the lockdown. The color is different than her usual darker shades, but since social distancing has taken effect, there's no better time to experiment with a new look.

Kylie has been showing off the hair for several days, so it's likely not a wig, but an at-home hair project. What look will Kylie try next? Suppose it depends on how long we'll spend at home, and what she's in the mood for. 

Recent images from Kylie's social channels indicate that she has been spending time at home with family.  

Photos courtesy Instagram