D'Amelio Sisters Styling

Styling the D’Amelio Sisters

Getting red carpet ready, Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio looked to celeb stylist Laura Polko to create looks for recent award events, including the Billboard Music Awards and iHeartRadio Awards. Here's how she created and you can get these lush looks using Aquage.

For Charlie:

Step 1: Blow dry hair using  Aquage Texturizing Lux Enhancer Blow Dry Crème.

Step 2: Set the hair with Velcro rollers at the root for volume. 

Step 3: Next, do a single pass of a 1-inch iron and brushed out the hair.

Step 4: Finish with  Aquage Finishing Spray for gorgeous shiny waves.

Styling the D’Amelio Sisters

For Dixie:

Step 1: Leaving out the front bangs, use Aquage Straightening Ultragel to bring the hair up into a sleek high pony.

Step 2: Next, brush the hair up while blow-drying to smooth out any bumps.

Step 3: In the very front, create a baby part usingAquage Dry Texture Finishing Spray and place with pins.

Step 4: Next, wrap the pony around into a bun and pin it in place. 

Step 5: To finish off the look, use Aquage Finishing Spray to tame any flyaways for a sleek lasting result.

Photos courtesy Instagram