Cooling Trends for Men

Award-winning hairdresser Jim Shaw offers his take on hair trends for men for fall and winter 2022. Here’s what he had to say about the cool-weather looks:
(One) Color 
When it comes to color for men this season, there will be one stand-out trend – bleached hair. Men will look to lighten and brighten their hair up and have this toned to give their hair a clean, platinum hue or an icy white/grey tone that’s fitting for the season.

The great thing about this trend is that should you get bored of the color, you can experiment by adding slices of color to give a fun, playful finish to the season.

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In summer, we saw men wearing their hair super short and teamed with bold neon tones like oranges and greens. For men who want to add a pop of color to their look, we will see cooler-toned brights becoming popular, such as dark greens, blues, and purples for autumn and into winter.

(Two) Cuts
Disconnected cuts have been in and out of fashion over recent years. For autumn and winter, they’re back on trend, where we see hair super short on the sides with longer length on top. With this haircut, the top of the hair looks ‘disconnected’ from the sides, and instead of fading from short to long on top, the style is more abrupt and makes a statement.

The regulation cut, a military-inspired cut, will also be popular this season. This is a very sharp and fresh style. The hair is trimmed down on the top but kept longer than the sides, which are tapered and gradually cut shorter before reaching the nape of the neck. Hair can be shaved off completely to help reflect a true regulation cut look. This haircut is usually styled in a statement side parting and sleek to the side for a further clean finish.

Jim Shaw Hair

For those looking for a haircut that’s longer in length and more textured, mullets will be THE textured haircut of the season. The hair is cut shorter and choppier towards the front and sides and left longer at the back; however, for autumn/winter 2022, we will see a more modern take on this trend, with softer gradation.

We may also see men wearing the mullet a lot shorter and teaming it with a blunt fringe in an almost French crop style around the face - giving it a modern and trendy appearance for the new season. With all mullets and textured hairstyles, I love to use a salt spray or hair mousse, and I scrunch this in with my fingers to enhance the layers and choppiness of the look and give it a further edgy finish.

(Three) Styling 
In terms of styling, for men with shorter haircuts, we will see them wearing these a lot sleeker in appearance, incorporating pomades with a shine finish, gels, and waxes into their hair styling routine that will give their hair look a neater, more polished appearance.

Jim Shaw Hair

We will see men using these products to slick their hair back off the face, to one side, and also mixing these products with other products like serums and oils to give their hair a wet-like appearance with a high shine.

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