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Ever wonder how one great haircut can create two drastically different finished looks? The answer is with skill! Cutting hair to help unlock natural curl can also look amazing when blown out straight. It's all about removing bulk for textured looks and creating a layered cut that adds movement to straight hair. That, and the right products and tools. Help coils retain their shape with curl-enhancing lotions, creams, or gels, and with hair-drying naturally or scrunch-drying with a diffuser. Switch it up with smoothing serums and blow-drying against the shape of the head with a paddle brush. A quick pass of a flat iron can help add control, while a dash of paste provides separation and control.
Haute Coiffure Francaise

Hair | Haute Coiffure 
Makeup | Izabela Szelagowska
Wardrobe | Paula Dudziak

Pawel Wylag & Kamil Cichon

French Flag