CHI Color Nurture

The newly launched CHI Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Line is a nourishing color maintenance system enriched with Rose Hip Oil, antioxidants and low PH levels. 

Each product in the line is infused with key ingredients that work together to revive color and reinvigorate every strand. The featured Rose Hip Oil counteracts color fading while silk aids in the vitality of the hair's cuticle. Vitamin C and antioxidants simultaneously enhance color and ignite hair rejuvenation while the UV protectant ultimately shields against harsh sun rays that can diminish hair color. These products boast an effervescent fragrance of lychee and raspberry combined with musk and sandalwood.

This color-preserving line includes CHI Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Protecting Shampoo, Protecting Conditioner, Repair & Shine Leave-In Tonic, Dry UV Protecting Oil, Dry Shampoo, and Recovery Treatment.  Instantaneously preserve the richness of your color while adding infinite moisture and shine.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Protecting Shampoo - Maintain cleanliness and color vibrancy with a combination of Rose Hip Oil, antioxidants, and Vitamin C.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Protecting Conditioner - Bring moisture back into color treated hair and combat dryness and dulling. The combination of a low pH formula and Vitamin C will help to promote color longevity and optimize radiance and shine.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Repair & Shine Leave-In Tonic - Prior to styling, enrich color treated hair with a conditioning, vitamin infused hair tonic. The calming formula combats frizz to promote smooth, workable hair with added moisture, strength and shine.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Dry UV Protecting Oil -  Multi-use finishing mist equipped with UV protecting ingredients to combat premature fading while enhancing color tones and amplifying natural dimension.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Dry Shampoo - Prolong the life and longevity of hair color by eliminating excess oil and odors in between shampoos. UV protectants combat color loss and further revive hair.

Rose Hip Oil Color Nurture Recovery Treatment - Nurturing deep conditioning treatment that rehabilitates damaged, color treated hair by replenishing moisture and strength through the deposit of Vitamin C and antioxidants.