Andra's Embellished Nails

Audra Day's NailsAndra Day’s gorgeous nails from the Critics’ Choice awards are by Celebrity Manicurist Jolene Brodeur using KISS Products. Here is a breakdown of how to achieve this right at home. 

Get the Look

  • To start, prep nails by using alcohol on a cotton pad to make sure nails and cuticles are clean
  • Select the correct size in the KISS Gel Fantasy Nail in style “All About You” for each finger and set it aside in order
  • Apply glue, included in the kit or Jolene’s favorite KISS Powerflex Max Speed Glue to the back of KISS Gel Fantasy Nail and to the natural nail. Align with the cuticle, gently press on and hold for 5 seconds
  •  After the nails set, add gold charms on top as a finishing touch

*Or, when using the adhesive tabs (also included in the package), select the tab that coordinates with the selected nail size and peel off. Apply the tab to natural nail, press, smooth, and peel off film. Align the nail with the cuticle and press down firmly in the middle, then on each side. Press nails down several times.