1. Using the EVY PROFESSIONAL theBOSS Hairdryer, start

with a bouncy blow-dry and create smooth not straight ends.

2. Add in a deep side part.

3.Working in one direction around the head, take 1” sections and

using the EVY PROFESSIONAL iQ-ONEGLIDE twist full 360

degrees and slide to the ends of the hair.

4. Once cooled, using a brushing out brush – EVY

PROFESSIONAL Vegan-Friendly cushion brushwork around

the head, brushing out firmly.

5.Using your hands whilst brushing, start to mold the hair and

bring together to create the shape on the body.

HOT TIP - use a spritz of water if there are little fluffies and fly

aways, to rehydrate the hair and continue brushing that in.



Hair Director: Sam James

Hair Assistant: Marie Nahas

Photography: David Mannah

Art Direction: Lauren King

Styling: Josie Mcmanus

Makeup: Mikele Simone

Creative Consultants: Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta + Lauren King