1. Using EVY PROFESSIONAL the boss hairdryer, and a heat

protector, dry hair to 60% dry with an EVY PROFESSIONAL

QUAD TEC PADDLE brush, wrap drying around the head.

2. In large sections, blowdry smooth with volume at the roots, all

back away from the face, using a Large EVY PROFESSIONAL

QUAD TEC brush

3. With finer hair (like our Blonde), take horizontal sections up the

head, and use the 1” EVY PROFESSIONAL iQ-ONEGLIDE

straightener from halfway down the length, gliding through to the

ends whilst keeping straight out from the head. This will maintain

Root volume and seal the ends with ultimate shine.

4. Finish with a strong middle part and a light finishing spray.


Hair Director: Sam James

Hair Assistant: Marie Nahas

Photography: David Mannah

Art Direction: Lauren King

Styling: Josie Mcmanus

Makeup: Mikele Simone

Creative Consultants: Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta + Lauren King