Pretty Ponies

All the Pretty Ponies

We all love ponytails. The go-to pony is always an option for casual days, work-friendly functions and even special occasions. These days they are worn very polished and always put-together.

The key to a successful ponytail starts with a great blowout, which includes the right product and tools for your hair type and desired result. And remember to add some luster for that oh-so-polished finished. Once prepped, hair is then smoothed back and secured using coated elastic bands to protect your precious strands. For the best hold, add a second elastic to the mix. Don’t forget to finish it off by concealing the band. Simply take a section of hair from under the ponytail and wrap it several times around the band. Tuck the ends back onto the band or secure underneath the pony with bobby pins.

You can also dress up your pretty pony with decorative hair bands, hairpins or clips or even by adding a headband to the mix. Keep the balance and shape of your ponytail in perspective when choosing accessories so they don’t overpower your hair.

Ride on style jockeys...ride on!