Wakeup to Perfection

When short hair makes a bold statement, people notice. And the message in the mix is all about confidence and unlocking one's inner beauty. Showcasing their strongest facial features and finding balance and esthetic pleasantness. With a nod to the classics, these looks by China's Wakeup Academy and Hair Institutes feature timeless foundations personalized with highly modernized color and finishing touches. 

WuWakeUp Academy1. This short yet highly tailored coif offers a delicate harmony between the hair and the structure of the model’s face. Nuances of silvery-blue draw attention to the texture of the haircut and nicely accent the piece-y ends that frame her face. Flick-y bits at the back and over the ear create balance for delicate jaw structure while offset accessories draw the eye to the very precise part.


 2.Going for a highly precision look, this geometric haircut offers a strong rounded outline and a very blunt edge. The high fringe is chipped-into in order to offer a slightly “bitten” edge, while the sides are accented with warmth in the color to soften the hard lines.


3. With wispy bits over the ears, this delicate hairstyle offers a slightly flirty appeal. An overall warmth softens the look and shimmers just enough to give way for a second glance. Roundness on top of this hairstyle is mimicked on the bottom but that edge takes a different turn through the bangs. Sitting above the brow, the choppy edges gives this overall look a unique personality. 


4. Bold but understated at the same time, this hairstyle flaunts a tousled texture that gives an effortless vibe. The silver color radiates a modern touch and adds confidence to the overall look. A thick fringe ends with choppiness and is connected with the rest of the haircut with shorter layers. Tucked back on the sides, the ends are otherwise wispy and a bit piece-y. 

Salon | WAKEUP Hairstyle Institution

Location | Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Creative Director | Faith Yao

Hair Artist | Amie / Peter / Jack / Zhonghua Yang

Makeup | Jiaojiao

Photography | Wu men

Scene Assistant | Juan / Jing / Grace

Editor | Navia

Wardrobe | shushu/tong

WuWakeUp Artist Headshots