Too Funky

The '80s were vibrant and exciting years in which a carefree and excessive attitude of life was celebrated. That energy permeated everything, fashion, music, and, of course, hair. Too Funky recreates the vitality of that decade with striking yet practical colors and haircuts. Timeless looks that resist the passage of time and go beyond trends, allowing individual personality to emerge and prevail with the mix of textures and shades.

Collective by Steven Smart
Alexander Kiryliuk Excessive and shameless curls for an electric personality, somewhat untamed, that is thrown to life. An updated
and powerful look for new emerging identities.

Alexander Kiryliuk
The rebellion of the short haircut is combined with the intensity of colours that flee from naturalness to delve
into the most unconventional individuality.

Alexander Kiryliuk
Excessive tones and different lengths are the sign of a fresh and irreverent attitude that reaches the present intact.

Alexander Kiryliuk
Neon gradient colours, unstructured bangs and volumes that invite us to a highly meditated chaos.

Alexander Kiryliuk
Modernity is built with short haircuts with a perfectly designed scruffy effect. Comfort and versatility are
values ​​on the rise to enjoy and carefree.

Alexander Kiryliuk
Short hair is always excessive and impressive, especially when combined with striking tones and disruptive textures.

Hair Artist | Alexander Kiryliuk
Alexander Kiryliuk  
Colour | Kílian Garrigós & Inna Lipkovich
Makeup | Miguel Silva • Wardrobe | Ángel Cabezuelo
Accessories | Vedovka
Photography | David Arnal
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