Rihanna-Inspired Curls

If you're blessed with natural curls, it's easy to rock this Rihanna-inspired look for a casual fall hairstyle. Stylist Jalessa Watson of Michael's Salon and Spa in Centerville, Ohio demonstrates on her own lovely model.

Get The Look

• Part hair into sections while still wet and then apply curl-enhancing cream.

• Work a small amount of Moroccanoil into each section.

• Twist each section four or five times with your fingers. 

• Tie the hair down with a scarf or cotton cap and go to bed.

• In the morning, check to make sure hair is completely dry. If not, set under a hood dryer on medium heat until dry.

• Once dry, use a hair pick to gently lift section at the root to coax a fuller shape. 


Hair - Jalessa Watson

Model - Jalessa Watson

Photography - Michael Schuh

Rihanna Photo - Helga Esteb for Shutterstock