Precision in Pink

Daniele De Angelis"Hair isn’t just an addiction, it’s is part of your expression, freedom, your journey to be who you want to be. When creating an image, it is always important for me to portray a strong and independent woman, always keeping suitability at the forefront of my vision. I believe everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. I wanted to show that through a series images that have a vulnerability to them, yet hold a domineering feel of empowerment, whilst allowing my skills to be seen throughout”. - Daniele De Angelis

Hair | Daniele De Angelis
Daniele De Angelis

Color | Stuart Matuska
Makeup | Carrie  Leanne Jess
Wardrobe | Dr Manrutt Wongkaew and Sara Dunn
Photography | Kevin Luchmun

2020 London Hairdresser of the Year
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