By the Numbers

We caught up with Spain's premier hair artist, Olga García, to chat about her Paint by the Numbers effect that celebrates everything but coloring within the lines.

Does this color involve temporary spray-on color through stencils or some other technique?

This color was not done with templates, but with direct colors, bright and vivid. We used direct dyes in yellow, blue, red, pink, green, and orange.

Was it handpainted on pre-lightened areas?

It was dyed by hand, on a previously decolorized base and then I applied the colors. The colors are set in a strategic way within the black base.

What was your inspiration?

This look is inspired by the vibrant lights of New York City at night. I wanted the neon lights and the lit skyscrapers to be reflected.

What color technique was used?

It is a water technique, made on a base or level 10 weft of hair (extensions). We added water to a flat container and immersed the extensions. When the color is introduced into the water, they become diluted and fused with the light areas of the hair. 

Was this technique just for fun or do think a version of it will filter down to consumers as a trend?

What I most enjoy about doing editorial work is playing with color, making tests, different techniques that we do not or cannot do in the salon. This technique can only be done using extensions, as it is an unusual way to dye hair. I just wanted to have a little fun with something different. Not the usual color that we do every day. With editorial work like this, the important thing is to have fun doing it! 

About Olga

With 30 years of experience in hairdressing, Olga García is an active professional who never stops growing and learning. She opened her first salon in Spain's Cabezón de Pisuerga when she was taking her first steps as a professional stylist, and the second salon in the same town two decades later.

Olga has trained with the best national and international professionals in the beauty and personal image sector: X-Presion, Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, Mazella & Palmer, Raffel Pagès, Luciana Sabariz, Manuel Mon, and many others. Combining her work in the classroom with the creation of her own collections. Some of her collections have been finalists for the Modalité Awards in Latin America, finalists in the Tocado 2015 and 2017 Awards, and the Barberos 3.0 Award for the best men's collection. Olga has also received the career medal for the Foro Empleo. Her collections have also received professional recognition with Club Fígaro and AIPP.

Credits - Hair: Olga García @ Olga García Estilistas • Photos: David Arnal • Styling: Eunnis Mesa • Makeup: Wilder Rodríguez