Natural Texture, Please

Natural hair is everywhere. From the runway to the red carpet, to the morning commute – women with all lengths and textures of hair seemed emboldened by their natural locks.

According to Marc Anthony True Professional Artistic Director Marilisa Sears, this spring and into summer seeks to continue the rebellious trend—but with a twist.

“Last year we saw the strongest season in recent memory of women rocking their natural hair. This season it is a bit more refined and polished but the resistance lives,” said Marilisa.

The shift towards refined natural hair will materialize from an embrace of softened imperfections and an enhancement of natural texture. Marilisa predicts that curls and waves will have longer layers and straight hair will have a bit more texture. Frizz is a complete no-go but flyaways are a flirty yes, yes, yes! The ideal hair routine will still be a quick tousle and fix. However, stylized movements and distinct texture will be prominent.

Below are a few tips and product recommendations from Marilisa highlighting the best way to embrace your natural texture, no matter your hair type.

Marilisa’s Tips For Curl Girls

"This season the curl is a bit more relaxed, not in a chemical way but in how its cut. Keep the layers longer, after it gets bigger it will get heavier… that’s when you will fall in love with it. Curl definition should go from root to end. Marc Anthony’s new Define & Defrizz Curl Styling Cocktail helps start the shape at the scalp, the polymers and binding ingredients start to form a curl that is relaxed and defined allowing the hair to move once dry. The dual tube technology lets you play with what is needed most on any particular day… frizz control or curl definition.  Apply on damp hair so you avoid wasting product and over saturating the hair with unnecessary stylers!"

Option: Add Marc Anthony’s Strictly Curls Dry Styling Oil for extra shine that doesn’t cause flaking and keeps hair soft and touchable.

Marilisa’s Tips For Straight Hair

"We want texture! Some will get it with waves but a bit of bend can be just as sexy. The trick is to work with your natural hair texture. No expectations other than natural hair that moves well and cuts that complement your face shape. The best styler this season is a texturizer. If you want waves the new Texture & Volume Beach Waves Styling Cocktail will deliver a texture that sits naturally with no visible hold though we promise it is there. The dual tube technology allows you control the amount of volume and texture you need on a day-by-day basis."

Photos courtesy Instagram, Helga Esteb, Tinseltown for  Shutterstock.