NAHA 2020 Winners

NAHA 2020 Winners

As the top hair, makeup, and nail competition in North America, NAHA is the premier platform for beauty professionals to push the boundaries and bring their artistic vision to life. For the second year, NAHA took place during the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) show on January 25, 2020.
Each year, industry artists submit their work -- which often takes months of planning, shooting, and editing -- and are judged by a blind panel of judges, many of which were selected through a call for new judges for 2020. Finalists are chosen by an anonymous process with no contact between judges or knowledge of artist names to ensure anonymity and fairness and enabling a true celebration of excellence, creativity, and technical ability. 
This year's finalist candidates span fifteen categories of excellence across hair, makeup and nail artistry.

Collective by Steven Smart
NAHA 2020 Avant Garde

Hair Artist | Rodrigo Araneda
Photographer | Leda St-Jacques

Editorial|Session NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Lucie Doughty
Photographer | Albert Sanchez

Haircolor 2020

Hair Artist | Chyrstofer Benson
Photographer |  John Rawson

Haircutting NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Yuki Yasui
Photographer | Mitsu Watanabe

Hair Stylist of the Year NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Silas Tsang
Photographer | Andrew O'Toole

MakeUp Artist of the Year NAHA 2020

Makeup Artist | Katie Nash
Photographer | Eric Fisher

Master Hairstylist of the Year NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Julie Vriesinga
Photographer | Paula Tizzard

Men's NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Ammon Carver
Photographer | Richard Monsieurs

Nails NAHA 2020

Nail Artist | Cassandra Clark
Photographer | Cody Kinsfather 

Newcomer NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Cassie Carey
Photographer | Richard Monsieurs 

Salon of the Year NAHA 2020

Salon of the Year | Toni & Guy Galleria
Photographer | Andy Lai 

Student Stylist of the Year NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Dorothy Greene
Photographer | Keith Bryce 

Styling & Finishing NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Michelle O'Connor
Photographer | Robert Reed 

Team of the Year NAHA 2020

Hair Artists | Salon by Instyle Design Team
Photographer | Robert Reed 

Texture NAHA 2020

Hair Artist | Norm Wright
Photographer | Natasha Gerschon 


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Photos Courtesy PBA