Getting Nostalgic

"There are times in life that we forget that something we now view as old, run-down or obsolete was once in its prime; a thing of beauty, iconic & something to be admired & cherished!"  - Kerri DiMatta

Collective by Steven Smart

This old brewery is the perfect setting for Kerrie DiMattia's latest hairstyle statements. The 39-year industry veteran is an educator, stylist, salon owner of DiMattia & Company of Grafton, NSW, Australia where she's had a successful career in the industry and in her community. Kerrie chose this setting not only because of the beauty and atmosphere that still exists there now despite its age but also as a reminder of how alive it was in its day. A poignant statement for the state of things today, this series is a reminder that life is a collection of beautiful moments in time.
Kerrie DiMattia
The collection has an editorial vibe, while the styling has just a hint of nostalgia - the focus is on classically beautiful hair that is uncomplicated, simplistic, and authentic.
Kerrie DiMattia
The use of the morning light streaming through grimy windows eludes to one final dusk til dawn celebration, reminiscent of the glory of the venue’s history.
Kerrie DiMattia
Whether we are talking about structures, possessions, or people, the fact remains - we have a habit of casting aside or dismissing those that we perceive as “past their prime.“ Instead, we should be doing is celebrating what was, and soaking up the culture, history, richness from the experience of days gone by.
Kerrie DiMattia
Kerrie DiMattia

Hair | Kerrie DiMattia
Makeup | Sharon Fallon & Candice Chevalley
Wardrobe | Katie Sutton
Photography | Pixie Bella 

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