Davinia Cuñat Ripoll Henko is a Japanese word that refers to a transformative change in which there is no possibility of returning to the initial state. On many occasions it’s a very great advance in our personal growth and proof that we are capable of betting on ourselves, reflecting precisely this act of courage.
This work speaks of that individual turning point that lifts us above fear and worries, transforming our attitude towards life. In looks, originality means the ability to be reborn, to give rise to our new self with textures loaded with strength and energy and tones that give impetus to this new intention.

Hair | Davinia Cuñat Ripoll 

Davinia Cuñat Ripoll

Makeup | Cristina Garcia 
Wardrobe Designer | Maria Dolores Ripoll Miñana 
Photography | Esteban Roca
Products | Revlon Professional
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