Free Reign

An evolution of style that is understated yet bold, simplistic yet groundbreaking, Kevin Kahan’s
collection is breathtaking in its brilliance. Free Reign is a hairdressing fantasy brought to life.
Kevin Kahan Free Reign“When we created the concept for this photo shoot, I said it would take an exceptional model to
pull off each stage of our multi-cut journey,” reveals three-time Northern Ireland Hairdresser
of the Year Kevin Kahan. “I loved Marleen from the moment that I met her and knew she 
bring my work to life.”
Kevin Kahan Free ReignAs an actress, Marleen Mathews loved the opportunity of taking on a different persona with
each of the many haircuts. “I’ve never had my hair so short, so I saw (the project) as a new 
challenge. Discovering all these new characters that are normally tucked away deep inside
myself felt very liberating. It was sad, in a way, to say goodbye to them when we moved
on to the next cut!”
Kevin Kahan Free ReignWorking with a muse to create multiple standalone haircuts is a new concept for a competition
and that newness added to the creative energy and buzz of excitement on the shoot day.
From a modern mop top to a ‘70s Jagger-inspired shag and beyond Marlene was open to each cut or
finish, and the resulting collection was a metamorphosis that unlocked the true versatility
of hair.
Kevin Kahan Free Reign

Hair: Kevin Kahan for Kevin Kahan, Bangor  |  Makeup: Sandra Cooke  |  Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Kevin Kahan Headshot
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