Fantastic Makeovers

The Latest Looks from Fantastic Sams

The fantastic talent from Fantastic Sams of Southern and Central California is pleased to unveil Be Fantastic, their latest series of stunning hair transformations. From drastic to nuanced, these gotta-have-it makeovers showcase current trends for cut, color, and style. Take a look for yourself to see if one of these new looks is right for you.

1. This edgy undercut bob features Illuminating yet versatile color throughout with hand painted and carved-into sections on the side.

Get the Look: Apply styling foam and allow hair to air-dry, flat ironing sections as needed. Work through a small amount of styling cement or matte wax to finish. Flip the style over by changing the part to reveal more robust color yet camouflage the undercut.

Hair: Wassan Sano for Fantastic Sams – Brea, California

2. This perfect chin-length, slightly A-line bob features wispy fringe and a-head turning red hue.

Get the Look: Add styling foam on damp hair and blow-dry sections with a round brush. Mist with texture spray and finger-style hair into place.

Hair: Kimberly Sirick for Fantastic Sams - Beaumont, California

3. This sleek shoulder-touching hairstyle features a side fringe and rounded layers.

Get the Look: Apply smoothing serum on damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush. Run a flat iron through hair to set a sleek foundation.

Hair: Amber Pridy for Fantastic Sams – Beaumont, California

4. Face-framing layers and dimensional highlights lighten up and brighten up this long hairstyle.

Get the Look: Apply nourishing serum and styling foam on damp hair and blow-dry sections with a round brush. Mist large sections with shaping spray and curl around a one-inch iron towards the face. Add pomade on your fingers and run them through hair to break up sections.

Hair: Fantastic Sams Educator Jennifer Felder 

5. This pretty-in-pink blending of colors through these long wavy layers makes for a dramatic makeover.

 Get the Look: Blow-dry sections with a round brush and then curl one and a half inch sections using a flat iron away from the face. Break sections up with your fingers and then mist with finishing spray to hold.

Hair: Gabby Sanchez for Fantastic Sams - Paso Robles, California

6. Long and lustrous layers are accented with a side part and soft curl on the ends.

Get the Look: Apply thermal guard on damp hair and blow-dry sections with an extra-large round brush. Lift up on sections to coax volume at the root and then roll the brush several times to create a bend through the length. Once hair is completely dry, mist sections with styling spray and wrap the mid-shaft through the ends around a large curling iron. Direct all sections away from the face on the sides and then alternate curl direction in the back. Once all hair is curled, run fingers through to break up the sections and then fingerstyle hair into place.

Hair: Tania Rios for Fantastic Sams – El Segundo, California

7. A short undercut, this look offers a robust red hue and a deep side part.

Get The Look: Apply volumizing lotion on damp hair and blow dry against the shape of the head using a paddle brush. 

Hair: Tania Rios for Fantastic Sams – El Segundo, California

8. This fringed, shaggy bob features a transition from lilac to pink on the ends.

 Get the Look: Add nourishing serum on damp hair and blow-dry sections with a paddle brush. Flat-iron sections as needed and then smooth over the surface with pomade on your palms. Mist shine spray to finish.

Hair: Briana Tapia for Fantastic Sams - San Luis Obispo, California

9. These long wavy layers feature a reverse ombre with lighter roots and transition into darker ends.

Get the Look: Starting with dry hair, curl one-inch vertical sections with a one-inch curling iron. Break sections up with your fingers and then mist shine spray and finishing spray to hold.

Hair: Fantastic Sams Educator Denette (Dee Dee) Watson