Take A Powder

Take a PowderTake a Powder

Looking to add a boost of volume or a tad of tousled texture to your tresses? Consider styling powders to help get you there. These fine particle formulations provide a bit of body-amping grit that helps messy, textured or volumized looks take and keep shape. Here are some of our top picks:

David Mallett Volume Powder 

Create long lasting volume and natural bounce by simply apply to the roots of the dry hair and work the roots with your fingertips. Using Volume Powder is like dusting your hair with 1960s volume. The active agent that provides long-lasting volume and natural bounce is tropical bamboo. The special characteristics of bamboo fibers are strength and lightness – the main reasons why bamboo is often used in architecture as a high performance material, for example. In this formula, it serves to reinforce the hair’s structure. When applied to the roots, it provides reinforcement and structure, driving off extra humidity in the hair and allowing it to have bounce, freshness and volume.

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Sachajuan Volume Powder

Lift and refresh lifeless locks between shampoos. This powder-based spray revives limp, oily hair with a matte finish and a volume-boosting effect for your best looking second day tresses. Spray on to the scalp from a distance a few inches away on dry hair and allow it to dry. 

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Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

Instantly liquefies when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous hair that everyone wants. Ideal for instant volume on dry hair it is the fastest, easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! It is weightless, odorless and colorless on any hair color and is great for adding texture.

Best Hairstyling Powders 2017

American Crew Boost Powder

Give hair lift, thickness and a matte finish. This weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. It retains natural moisture and softens hair, provides flexible hold and thickens hair, revitalizes and restores hair. Sprinkle it lightly and evenly on dry hair, making sure the product falls to the root for maximum lift and separation. 

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Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder

Add texture and hold to your hair with this hair mattifying powder from Schwarzkopf.  Suitable for all types of hair, this hair styling powder provides texture while maintaining the natural movement of your hair. Whether out for a night on the town or settling in for a hard day's work, relax knowing that your hair will maintain its style and look its best. 

Take a Powder

Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

Texturizing root-lift powder instantly adds buildable grip and style and leaves a semi-matte finish. Adds weightless volume and lift from the roots. The zero-mess sprayer creates amplified updos and dramatic volume. Shake and spray into dry hair, focusing on roots. Style with fingers or brush for instant expansiveness. 

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Redken Powder Grip 03

Mattifying, root volumizing and texturizing hair powder that provides texture and volume. Adds grip to provide tousled texture without product buildup, extends the life of blow-outs and preps hair for long-lasting updos. Hair looks and feels denser with an instant matte texture.

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Fudge Big Hair Elevate Styling Powder

Add volume and texture to all hair types. The lightweight powder is massaged into dry hair for extra lift and body where desired. Contains a blend of hydrolyzed keratin and wheat protein with natural bamboo which will leave your hair with more body, without frizz.