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Alexander Kiryliuk and his team SK STYLE BARCELONA are known for their artistic talent when it comes to creating bridal updos, but also to stay ahead of trends. For this season they are committed to a new bridal vision in which they compile the most current trends and enhance them in a meticulous collection of wedding hairstyles.
Alexander Kiryliuk
Brides with short hair are already a reality. They are different brides, with a very special touch, but not
leaving aside femininity. For them, the key is in the details such as accessories, colouring and the way
they comb their hair. Short hair powerfully sets the style for 2020 wedding hairstyles.
In addition, these types of haircuts are perfect to highlight wedding dresses, putting the focus of
attention on the neck, and stylizing it.
Alexander Kiryliuk
Collective by Steven Smart
Alexander Kiryliuk
Medium-length hairstyles at the shoulder level can take advantage of the natural waves of the hair to
achieve a look with volume and clear bangs to frame the face. Casual and half updo hairstyles opt for a
more easy-going air with subtle tousled ends.
Alexander Kiryliuk
Collective by Steven Smart
Alexander Kiryliuk
Alexander Kiryliuk
Short and multidimensional hairstyles are also in fashion. The colour shades add movement to the hair
and texture to the hairstyles. Nordic blondes and pastel pink tones for "pixie" haircuts emphasize the
features and sweeten the image.
The haircuts at the ears level are one of the most chic options of undoubted retro inspiration.

Alexander Kiryliuk

Collective by Steven Smart
Alexander Kiryliuk
The importance of makeup is as important as that of the dress and the hairstyle. Without a doubt,
the bride is looking for is a sweet, feminine and timeless look, but without ceasing to be herself.
Makeup brings light to the face, and that's why we choose appropriate shades according to
the tone of the skin, hair and eyes of each bride.
Among the most outstanding for this occasion, we have pink, brown and gold, accompanied by lips in
nude tones and with a natural shine. A few cheeks slightly flushed and with a slight glow touch will
make the skin reflect rest and youth.

Alexander Kiryliuk
Creative Team: SK Style Barcelona
Art Director: Alexander Kiryliuk

Hair Artists
Kílian Garrigós | Miguel Silva | Inna Lipkovich

Makeup: Natalya Sidorova
Wardrobe: Strekoza
Accessories: Vedovka

Photography: David Arnal
Behind the Scene Photography: Evgenia Muzheva
Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia 
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