Louise had long, grown out length and previous color with highlights that had faded and now were a bit brassy. Stylist Brianne Brewster of Alexander's Grand Salon and Spa in Anaheim Hills, California started her new look with the color. She lifted Louise's 1-inch regrowth of natural dark brown hair two shades and deposited color through the ends to even out the faded brown tones. Next, she retouched the highlights through the crown instilling a very fine weave of soft creamy blonde through her chocolate brown base.

Brianne freshened up Louise's length with a trim, then went through the interior and layered it to help define her natural curl. A soft side sweep fringe was added to delicately frame Louise's face.

Styling cream was worked through the towel-dried hair before blow-drying with a round brush for volume. Once the hair was completely dry, curl-enhancing spray was misted throughout the hair and the curls were touched up with a medium curling iron. The crown was backcombed for lift, then a small section of hair from each temple was directed back, tied into a knot and secured in place with hairpins. A fine mist of light hold hair spray and shine spray gave the perfect finishing touches.

For a graceful finish, Brianne took smoothed, backcombed sections of hair, crisscrossing and interweaving them along a Mohawk pattern from the top of the head to just below the crown. The very back was gathered into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck with the length softly rolling into one large curl. The band of the ponytail was covered by wrapping a braided section of hair around it. Another light mist of hair spray and shine spray were added to finish off this elegant look.

Alexander's Grand Salon & Spa - Anaheim Hills, CA (USA)
Hair: Brianne Brewster
Makeup: Sheree Brewster