Ultra Short


With a plume-like finish, this short crop is super-textured.

Get The Look: Apply styling spray onto towel-dried hair. Blow-dry with a vent brush, lifting up on top for volume. Run a dab of styling paste through to add separation and control.


Ultra-short bitten bangs and tufts through the crown give this short crop personality.

Get The Look: Apply styling gel and blow-dry against the shape of your head using a paddle brush. Once dry, add styling paste through the crown and rough up the surface to get the short layers on top to pop up. Pinch and twist the ends of sections around your face to finish.

Curly Crop-FS-P2K-00111

Natural curl adds fun texture through this short crop.

Get The Look: Apply curl-enhancing lotion mixed with pomade and work through hair. Allow to air-dry.

 Hair: Anna Maria Taylor


A precise outer line is offset with wavy internal texture.

Get The Look: Add styling gel and comb through hair while drying in varied directions.

Hair: Troy Faustino / Color: Paulette Furtado for Troy Faustino Salons

Makeup: Rose Marie


Cut short all over, the smoothed forward hairstyle is pushed upward in the very front.

Get The Look: Apply styling gel and smooth hair forward against the shape of your head with your fingers. Push the front section upward, pinching and twisting small pieces. Allow to air dry.


A mix of piece-y and polished, this short hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Get The Look: Use styling gel and distribute through your damp hair. Use a vent brush to direct hair into place.


A plume-like pop of texture on top is accented with short arched bangs.

Get The Look: Rough dry your hair then apply a small amount of styling paste onto your hands and distribute through your hair to create movement and dimension.


Natural wave add volume and movement on top of this otherwise short, tight hairstyle.

Get The Look: Activate your natural texture by applying a curl enhancing lotion mixed with a leave in conditioner, combing to evenly distribute through your wet hair. Allow your hair to air dry then lightly piece through as needed with pomade or shiny wax.


Ultra Short fringe and notched out pieces give this bob a bold geometric quality.

Get The Look: Apply styling lotion or straightening serum (depending on your hair type) mixed with a few drops of shine serum and blow-dry downward but against the shape of your head using a paddle brush. Run a dab of pomade over the surface and detail pieces with your fingers.


Ultra short sides and back lead to messy, forward-swept length on top.

Get The Look: Apply texture spray and blow-dry in varied directions against the shape of the head with a vent brush. Once dry, add styling paste and move the hair forward. Pinch and twist the ends / edges for a piece-y finish.