Before, Kelsie had naturally kinky, frizzy, shoulder length hair that had damage at the ends. Her color was a mousy brown at the base that faded into brassy ends.
Nicole weaved in dark blonde and light brown to even out the tone and then added a clear gloss over the top to level the porosity, add shine and seal in the color. Next, she cut a few inches off the ends and added long layers to control the natural curl as well as give Kelsie’s strands volume.
Using Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity setting lotion and a blow dryer, Nicole rough dried by simply moving the hair around with her fingers until all of the moisture was removed. Starting along a Mohawk line, she took three-inch square sections, twisted them and then wrapped each around a small ½-inch curling iron, transferring the curl to a medium roller to set. Once the Mohawk section was all on rollers, she worked down each side and then allowed the hair to cool completely before undoing the curlers.
Nicole raked through the hair with a wide-toothed comb and twisted sections with Motion Lotion, an anti-frizz cream, on her hands. She back-brushed all over with a natural boar bristle brush using Session Spray to add more volume. Once the entire head was back-brushed, she started at the bottom and worked upward, smoothing sections just on the top to give a softly curled effect. She clipped in some preset extension pieces to give exaggerated volume and add a few inches of length and then twirled some Easy Rider anti-frizz cream through large sections, leaving a sultry bodified curl and a bold silhouette. The end result is very current, very runway!