For Sara (R.), Nicole started with a white-hot platinum hue and then created a series of big bends through her above-shoulder length. She took a one-inch rod, twisted large sections of dry hair around the rod and let them cool. A nickel-size amount of Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion was worked through the hair to separate the curls. Next, she back-combed in the crown for height and sewed some pieces together in back using light thread for a foundation and to secure the lift. Wispy bangs were added to frame her face and then Session Spray, which is a medium hold spray with some soft shine, was used to finish. Delicate daisies were placed on the side for a fun, gypsy-esc finish.


Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair was sprayed into the hair to break up old product and prepare for the next style. Anti Gravity was applied in the bangs and then Nicole blew out the hair with a blow dryer. Staring with a deep side-part, she rolled two-inch sections onto large hot rollers, rolling all hair under. Once set, she undid the rollers and back-brushed behind each section. Nicole shook the strands out using a fingertip-size of Gritty Business with Sara’s head upside down for volume and texture. She touched up random curls with a large iron and then finger-styled the hair into place, finishing off with Session Spray for hold.