1.Starting from loose ‘EVY waves’ old or fresh, put in a deep, side


2.Put the front height in now using a tail comb and add extra

shape with the EVY PROFESSIONAL E-CURL, if needed.

3. Pulling the length back into a low ponytail, secure with an elastic

at the ends of the hair with only 2 inches of hair after the elastic.

4. Holding the elastic, twist the length 360 degrees then tuck under

and bring up towards the head.

5. Use your fingers to pull the hair around to create a bob length

and shape you’re happy with, including the front if you want to

leave some hair out.

6. Attach a bobby pin to the elastic tie and secure the ends at the

head, hidden within the bob shape.

7. Any extra length fallen out, pin away or tuck into the style.

Secure with a flexible hold hairspray.



Hair Director: Sam James

Hair Assistant: Marie Nahas

Photography: David Mannah

Art Direction: Lauren King

Styling: Josie Mcmanus

Makeup: Mikele Simone

Creative Consultants: Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta + Lauren King