This short, modified and highly texturized bob has a distinctive asymmetric quality.

Apply a dime-size amount smoothing balm mixed with half as much styling cream and work it through damp hair from the roots through the ends. Use a paddle brush to flat wrap the hair in varied directions against the shape of your head while blow-drying. Rub a few drops of shine serum into the palm of your hands and piece through your hair to detail the style. Mist on finishing spray for long-lasting hold.

Look 2 - For a texturized edge, start with dry hair and tease at the root on top. Add a small dab of styling wax and fingerstyle. The wax leaves a pliable hold and allows for minor tweaks to perfect and evolve the style.

Salon Leona - Temecula, California

Hair: Audrey N. McClelland

Makeup: Jennifer Scott