For Kendra, Pon created a shaggy, layered mid length cut with straight-across bangs that are lightly chipped into. Next he applied a rich cinnamon base and then added soft caramel highlights using panels for sort of a “peek-a-boo” effect underneath.

A nickel-size amount of PON International Sealant was worked into her damp hair before misting on Turn it Up styling spray all over. Pon blow-dried two-inch sections with a round brush rolling the brush slightly through the length for a soft bend. Once dry, a flat iron was smoothed over the ends of one-inch sections for control. A few drops of Frizz Free were rubbed onto his hands before smoothing his palms over the surface of the hair, which tamed any flyaways.

PON International – Anaheim Hills, CA (USA)

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin