Smooth, diagonally parted roots make way for glossy waves through this flaxen length.

Get The Look: Add texture spray before blow-drying with a round brush. Add  more texture spray on section and clamp down on the section with a double-barreled iron. Work down each section until you reach the ends. Apply gloss for shine and separation.

Hair: Teresa Mockler for Cinta Salon Art Team

Makeup: Cassie Chapman

Wardrobe: Alexis Lecach for Koko Represents


A fun and versatile crop with a Pixie-esque quality.

Get The Look: Apply curl enhancing lotion on damp hair and blow-dry forward, smoothing hair with a paddle brush against the head. Use a dab of pomade to run through hair to add shine and separation.

Hair: Tina Tuck for Tease Me Hair Design

Makeup: Robert Rapport


Head-hugging curl add texture to the surface of this ultra-short crop.

Get The Look: Apply curl-enhancing cream and shine serum or balm to damp hair, comb forward and allow hair to air dry.


Waves with longer spans give this tousled hairstyle a unique texture.

Get The Look: Add styling lotion and blow dry about half way using a paddle brush. Add texture spray and wrap random sections around 2-3 fingers. Roll section off fingers and pin up. Continue until all hair is wrapped and pinned up. Set under a hood dryer. Once completely dry and cooled, undo pins and tousle hair using more texture spray.

Hair: Jeff Nance /Drew Groh for Salon and Spa Gregories

Makeup: Karin Noel for Priss 


Short layers unlock natural texture and give this long hairstyle a curvy finish.

Get The Look: Mist damp hair with texturizing spray and then blow dry haphazardly while shaking out your hair with your fingers. Scrunch up the ends to activate any natural wave. Wrap random pieces loosely around a large curling iron to add detail.

Hair: Dusty Simington / Drew Groh for Salon and Spa Gregories

Make up: Karin Noel for Priss


Mix and match texture for a unique finish on longer hair.

Get The Look: Starting on smooth dry hair, grab large section of hair and clamp down on the section a few inches away from the roots with a multi barrel wave iron. Hold in place a few seconds and release. Move further down the section and repeat one or two more time. Switch to a crimp iron for the next impression and then finish the ends with a flat iron.


This sultry side-parted style shows off some rolled forward length with a hint of height on top in the very front.

Get The Look: Apply styling lotion and work through damp hair. Add styling spray at the root in front. Blow-dry sections with a round brush rolling the brush several times to add a bend through the length. Once dry, mist sections with thermal spray and curl the ends forward and under on an extra large curling iron. Run a soft bristled brush through to create a rolling wave through the ends and the front. Mist with firm hairspray to hold.


A slight finger wave adds interest to this sleek, head-hugging style.

Get The Look: Add styling gel to damp hair and comb against head to style. Allow to air dry.

Hair: James Dinkel for The David Salon

Makeup: Shellena Gonzalez


Wavy tendrils offset this curly pinned up high hairstyle.

Get The Look: Take sections of your dry strands, mist with working spray and twist each before wrapping it around a medium curling iron. Let the curl slip back out of the iron and continue with all sections until all hair is curled. Add a few drops of shine serum to your hands and run your finger along each curl to define. Leaving pieces out in front, roll the back of your hair up and pin up high at the back of your head. Mist with hair spray to hold.


Natural wave add volume and movement on top of this otherwise short, tight hairstyle.

Get The Look: Activate your natural texture by applying a curl enhancing lotion mixed with a leave in conditioner, combing to evenly distribute through your wet hair. Allow your hair to air dry then lightly piece through as needed with pomade or shiny wax.