Sandra’s long layers feature a darker brown base with some golden and copper browns throughout for subtle dimension. To style, Cibu Shang High Volumizing Shampoo and Shang High Volumizing Conditioner were used to prepare the hair. Cibu Thickening Paste and Cibu Maximum Volume Mousse were cocktailed together and applied all over on towel-dried hair before blow-drying with a round boar bristle brush directing the hair up at the root for volume.


Stylist Kathy Reddel of Alexander's Grand Salon and Spa in Anaheim Hills, California created a soft razored cut for Rachel that features longer layers.  A shorter disconnected top and crown are slightly merged to instill height and volume while a wispy asymmetrical fringe frames her face.

Naturally a (level 6) dark blonde, Rachel's color was taken to deep violet brown infused with slightly lightened highlights above her fringe area and dropping to the front and sides for added dimension.


Stylist Kelly Ramirez of Alexander’s Grand Salon and Spa in Anaheim Hills, California created a shorter length cut with blended out layers. The mostly blunt neckline was accented with shattered texture around the face and throughout the interior. Her color is bold mix of medium copper underneath and a beige blonde on top.


Stylist Nicole van der Putten of The David Salon created this softly waved look for Stephanie starting with the color.  A fine honey blonde weave is broken up with panels of dark blonde peaking through from underneath revealing subtle dimension. A light conditioning gel is applied to her long razor textured layers before blow-drying the hair smooth with a denman brush. Fine sections are applied with a power hold spray then wave ironed. A small amount of styling cream is lightly worked through for definition.


The David Salon – Costa Mesa, California (USA)


To create this unique mix of texture, Brie Mulkern of The David Salon started with a highly dimensional series of color including a dark red and gold brown base and sultry bright gold highlights. To style, volumizing foam is applied before blow-drying the hair with a flat brush. Once completely dry, the length is flat ironed for a smooth palette. Sections of hair are dusted with a medium hold hair spray then curled using a 1.5 inch iron in a sporadic and unstructured pattern. Once the entire head is done, the sections are placed freehand and applied with more spray to hold.



To create these soft sexy waves, stylist Nicole Eggert started with long layers on shoulder length hair. The ends were point cut for movement and a heavy side-swept bang was added to accent the face.

For the color, a soft copper brown is broken up with highlights around the face, through the temple and in back. To produce a softer transition of color, highlighted sections were backcombed before applying the color.


For a fun, wavy look the dry hair is finger waved (using a wave iron) all around using a light spray-on gel. Once the entire head is done, the waves are broken up by hand and sprayed with a medium hold spray.


The perimeter of this popular mid length features strong lines around the face while the interior was texturized with longer layers.  Channel cutting provided an internal disconnected under layer to work with the hairline and control the natural nappy texture.

For the color, her naturally lighter brown shade is prelightened to a pale yellow, then a variety of warm hues at different levels are placed in foils throughout the entire head, giving a natural looking tone on tone effect.


This short Sassoon inspired cut is a 1920’s bob revisited with contemporary flair. The lines are sleeker and more angular with internal texturing for movement.

The color involves a layering of warmth and richness that follow the rounds of the head and support the geometric quality of the cut. This highly dimensional color was achieved by placing a warm red on top of a cool red, instilling the ultimate in depth.


A slight curl adds movement through these longer layers.

Get The Look: Mist thermal setting spray from the scalp to the ends of dry hair. Taking different size sections, spiral curl all over with a large barreled iron. Once the entire head is done, flip head upside down, and lightly finger tousled the curls with a bit of pomade. After flipping upright again, add shine spray over the surface.