Shaida’s hair had length just past her shoulders, with outgrown, over processed color. Her naturally curly hair had major breakage and was difficult to manage.


Noel had long, straight shoulder length hair and a lighter blonde shade. To start her new and more current look, Pon cut her length to the chin, then added a lot of texture and movement with layers for a shaggy sort of feel. He took her lighter blonde base and highlighted through to make it just a bit brighter plus added some dark pieces for dimension.

To style, PON International Pon Soon styling cream was worked in all over before blow-drying with a Denman brush. Pon took a medium curling iron and Da Flex working spray and worked through to create a slight bend all over.


Ksenia did some experimenting with her color. Her hair was previously applied with a black and green-based henna, which stained the cuticle, making it impossible to lift back out. Luckily two years of growth made the ends the only area that was still affected. The rest of the hair was brown with gold highlights. Her length was to the middle of her back with some very short and not so flattering layers.


Nicole’s hair length was just at the ears in front and longer in back. After weaving the natural hair with bleach and glossing over the top, the hair was applied with mousse for lift at the root before blow-drying for volume with a large round brush. Following flat ironing to smooth the hair, human hair extensions were added all over for both length and volume utilizing the Great Lengths keratin bond system.  The extensions were cut to blend with her natural hair.


This color was lightened up with a highlight placed throughout her natural brown shade for a highly dimensional and honey-rich feel.

The perimeter of her cut was crafted with a more solid outline with most of the layering being done internally. Next Pon sculpted longer bangs or fringe and tons of layers, including some shorter layers to give a rounded volume on top.


Jesseca’s hair is considered fine but she has a ton of it. Her strands are naturally wavy and were way too long to easily take care of. She was simply ready for a new and more refined look.

For her new look, PON International stylist Kathy Reed created a classically inspired and layered bob with a swoop bang to make it modern. She left Jesseca’s natural color but added two shades of blonde with extensions by Extend Creations then blended the extensions into her cut.


A scissor over comb technique allows thisshort length on the sides to seamlessly blend into a slightly longer top. A small quantity of wax or styling paste provides the right amount of control for this highly polished look.


A tight men’s cut with a slight amount of length on top to show off the natural texture.


A longer and shaggy boys cut with length all over. Apply curl enhancing lotion, comb throuh and allow to airdry.


Sara Wayne of Pon International created a soft and sexy look for Courtney starting with her color. Originally she had outgrown highlights on a natural, but drab looking (level 5/6) blonde base. To soften the look, Sara weaved in honey and golden blonde hues as well as some chunky lowlights for dimension.

For the cut, a more blunt shoulder length perimeter was broken up with some subtle point cutting while the interior was layered and highly texturized for maximum movement.