Spiked or textured

Impish Crop - FS-11-1238

An impish crop with very fun color, this super-short coif was left with some length on top and in front for versatility.

Work a small amount of smoothing balm through before rough-drying and then mist with shine spray and piece with pomade while finger-styling.

Hair: Shelly Whitaker

Fantastic Sams in Corona, California 

PON12-1454-Piecey Pixie

Tiara’s long, dark, one-color hair was cropped short into a slightly longer modernized Pixie. This very feminine short look involves fringy pieces at the sides and in the bangs with lots of texture and soft movement through the inside.  Pon warmed up her base color and then highlighted through the top for added texture and yet more movement.

Sheerly Short - FS-11-1231

 This sheerly short ‘do has a fun asymmetric look.

Add mousse for body and volume before rough-drying using only your fingers to move the hair around while removing the moisture. After flat ironing for control, use pomade to pinch and twist the ends.

Hair: Jennifer Newman

Fantastic Sams - Huntington Beach, California 

Spiky Pixie -TDS-11-1217

With an icy platinum hue, this super short ‘do is a spiky pixie with a tapered neckline and texturized bangs.

For a spiked flavor, apply a hard styling gel onto dry hair and then ruffle the top while twisting and piecing through to leave a messy-on-purpose finish.


The David Salon

Hair: Nicole Ankenman

Platinum Pixie - FS-10-1202

Want to make a bolder than bold statement? Kathleen did and so she went platinum. Stylist Patty Kew of Fantastic Sams in Chino, California took Kathleen’s lighter brown hair to this stunning white blond shade and then cleaned up her short crop for a very polished finish. Straightening balm was worked onto towel-dried hair before blowing the hair dry while smoothing it against her scalp with a vent brush.  To finish, a dab of styling paste was used to lightly piece the ends.

Tailed Fauxhawk - FS-10-1187

Jeanette Contreras of the Chino, California Fantastic Sams produced an edgy hairstyle for Sergio. She started with short tapered sides and worked up to length on top and down the back along a Mohawk line that ended below the neckline with a slight tail. To create a youthful vibe, she clipper cut his long and blunt sideburns.

Even Clipper - FS-10-1186

Diana Vasquez of Fantastic Sams in Rancho Cucamonga, California created the perfect short all over cut for Oscar with long, but thin, sideburns. A dab of Fantasticstyle Molding Mud was worked through his hair before air-drying.

Tipped Hawk - FS-10-1185

Lisa Garcia of Fantastic Sams in Barstow, California went for an edgy look for Michael (G). She started with a faded Fauxhawk shape; added unique cut outs on the sides and then applied some wild color along the Mohawk line. 

Spiked Fauxhawk - FS-10-1184

For Kuni, Alicia Moats of Fantastic Sams in La Habra, California created a fun Fauxhawk by point cutting his entire head. At the neckline she cut the sides shorter and left a long piece in back to fashion a tail. Fantastic for Men Styling Cement was used just on the tips of his hair on top before pushing the hair to the center to create the distinct shape. Last, the bangs were brought down to create a feel of disconnection.

Mohawk Plaits - FS-10-1176

Kim Wade of Fantastic Sams in Norco, California went tribal for Autumn’s hairstyle. Neatly braided vertical sections are plaited close to the scalp with very precise partings while the length along a Mohawk line is backcombed for height and then twisted and pinned into place. Feathers add both a splash of color and random flicks of texture to complete this headdress-inspired look.