Body / Volume

Impish - TDS-11-1222

Kelsey This short and impish cut features a tight back and sides with floppy length on top. The color is a light golden brown hue on top and a slightly darker but still warm brown underneath for depth.

For a softly forward swept style, add volumizing spray and blow-dry using a small round brush for control. Add a dab of styling paste and finger-style the hair into place.

The David Salon

Hair: David Bickle

Short Flaxen Bob - TDS-11-1218

Short textured layers top off this stunning short platinum bob.

Apply smoothing serum to help control any natural wave and blow-dry against the shape of your head with a paddle brush. Once dry, flat iron hair smooth and then use pomade to pinch and twist pieces around your face.  

The David Salon

Hair: Nicole Ankenman

Rounded Asymmetric - PON-11-1215

If you are looking for something current and fun with a dash of versatility for your busy lifestyle, this style is for you. A rich brown base sparkles with caramel highlights delicately painted over the top and a rounded asymmetric style offers a geometric feel in front with lots of texturizing high in the back.

Pushed-Over Bob - PON-11-1209

Long, grown-out layers and old blond highlights were taken into a rounded, mid-length, modified bob with lots of texture and movement. Long layers add versatility and a red copper color with soft blond highlights provided warmth.

Apply leave-in conditioner to damp strands. Mist styling spray and or layer on a root lift before blow-drying. Use a large round brush and lift up on sections, rolling the brush several times to create volume. Smooth a flat iron through the length for control and lightly apply spray wax for pliability. 

PON International

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Bobbed Shag - FS-10-1203

Shannon Hopkins of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California took Katie’s look from basic to brilliant. She started with the color, going from a medium brown with no shape to a stunning coppery red with bold panels of blond on top for some serious dimension. Next, she cut the length to the base of the neck, leaving a bit more length in front. Straightening balm and styling lotion were layered onto wet hair before blow-drying with a round brush for volume. The top was lifted up and under with a large brush and the bottom was flipped up for a kick outward using a smaller brush.

Swept Pinnup - FS-10-1178

Soft, roller-set curls were back-combed at the root for lift and then pinned up leaving the ends sprigging upward. Jacinda Higgins of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California added an ornate accessory to complete Hillary’s elegant and sweeping up-style. 

PON12-1457-Neck-Hugging Long Shag

For Marjorie, Pon (Saradeth of PON International in Anaheim Hills, California) freshened up her color, adding some brown into her already blonde strands for depth and then provided a better length than the long, overgrown layers she had before. He created a very sultry shoulder-touching style with a shag-like feel on the length and soft volume on top.

PON12-1447-New Shag

Sophia had grown out blonde layers with length that touched her shoulder. Pon Saradeth (of PON international of Anaheim Hills, California) decided to make a darker statement using a smoky brown undertone and then added pale blonde highlights, leaving a toasty appeal. He re-shaped the cut and added more layers to frame her face.

PON12-1444-A-Lining Bob

Katerina went from an overgrown shoulder length hairstyle in a solid brown hue to a bold, blunt bob with layering. Disconnected pieces in front add the option to wear textured and flick-y or smooth and pointed. These pieces give the cut a fun versatility while solid bangs frame her face and add more drama. Katerina’s color was richened up to deeper violet brown with some accent red through the front and around her face.

VPS12-1440-Timeless Face-framing

For Laura, stylist Randall Jones of Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa, California cut an above shoulder bob with low layers for a beveled edge. He added a side-fringe and lots of texture all over for serious style versatility. For her color, a soft light blonde shade flaunts a slight beige quality for subtle depth.