Body / Volume

40s Flair - FS-11-1262

Keeping with the vintage 40s look, but with her own artistic flair, Ryan started the updo with damp hair. She applied styling cream all over and then took a large Mohawk section on top of Jessica’s head all the way back to the occipital bone. She roller set this section on large rollers and then smoothed the rest of the hair to the side and formed a ponytail. Ryan flower-pieced sections within the ponytail onto one-inch rollers and then sat Jessica under a hood dryer.

Shaggy Shoulder Length - PON-11-1255

A great solution for longer lengths, this cut offers lots of layering to provide fullness and texture all over.

Apply mousse at the root for lift and then styling spray all over for added texture and control. Use a large round brush while blow-drying, pulling sections of hair up on top and rolling the brush several times to create lift and a soft bend through the ends. A dab of styling paste can be emulsified onto your hands and your fingers raked through hair to create separation.

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Blunt-Edged Bob - JQ-11-1253

This blunt-edged bob has short layers in the crown and longer layers in front for movement. 

Layer on leave-in conditioner and a wax-like styling spray and blow-dry your hair using a round brush to control any natural texture. Mist spray wax and piece your dry hair neatly into place.

Hair & Makeup: Jaime Queenin

VPS12-1439-Pretty Pinned

Add Enjoy Texture Spray and blow-dry hair. Backcomb on top of the head while adding Enjoy Hair Spray and then smooth back over the surface. Pin the sides back to harness this volumized but polished finish.

Victor Paul Salon – Costa Mesa, CA

Hair: Rechelle Harper

Makeup: Selina Lopez

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

Curvy Layers - PON-11-1249

A shoulder-length cut is graced with longer layers to add shape and movement, while micro-fine coppery cinnamon highlights are woven over the top for depth.

Add mousse at the root for lift and styling spray on all over your damp hair. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush, pulling sections up on top for lift and then roll the brush several times to produce a rounded bend. Apply styling powder at the root on top to add even more lift and finalize the style.

PON International – Anaheim Hills, CA

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Beveled Bob - PON-11-1248

A beveled bob with a blended side-bang warmth was added a very fine golden highlight.

To style this timeless cut, layer on hair treatment oil and styling spray onto damp hair and then blow-dry with volume using a round brush. Once dry, smooth a flat iron through, lightly rolling the ends under. A dab of styling paste is pieced through the ends while styling powder is applied at the roots to give added lift in the crown.

PON International – Anaheim Hills, CA

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Copper Mahogany Classic - AS-11-1244

A very classic, mid length, layered bob with a sultry side-swept bang flaunts a rich copper mahogany hue that is lighter on top and darker underneath.

For a classic smooth style, apply mousse at the root before blow-drying using a round brush. Pull up on sections of hair to coax lift and volume. After all of the moisture is removed, smooth a flat iron through for control slightly rolling under the ends. Pinch and twist small pieces along the edge using a dab of pomade.

Anasa Hair Studio – Temecula, CA

Hair: Helen Botsis

Makeup: Sara Wayne

Pon12-1458-Mid-Length Layers

Sarah’s length was overwhelming and her grown out color needed to be refreshed. Pon (Saradeth of PON International in Anaheim Hills, California) updated the slight ombre feel with darker roots and lightness on the ends by highlighting through with several shades of toasty blonde and light golden brown. He cut a better length and then added low layering for a face-framing quality. 

Rolled Outward Layers - FS-11-1235

Long layers and side-swept bangs are accented with peek-a-boo highlights.

Starting with styling lotion on damp hair, blow dry sections using a round brush to roll layers away from your face. Use a smaller round brush to roll the ends of vertical sections into barely-there curls.

Hair: Taylor Vu

Fantastic Sams in La Habra, California 

Bodified Fullness - FS-11-1232

Jodi Renteria of Fantastic Sams in Barstow, California started off Rebecca’s bodified look by richening up her base color and then slicing in some highlights on top. She created long curvy layers with blunt bangs, styling the thick, wavy hair by

Layer on leave-in conditioner, smoothing gel and mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry with a round brush, pulling up on top for volume.  Curl vertical sections with an extra large iron, alternating the curl direction to achieve waves. Mist on finishing spray provided long-lasting hold.


Hair: Jodi Renteria