Men's Scene

Men's UndercutAccording to Paul Dobbert co-owner of Tangles Hair Lounge in Riverside, California, the men's undercut is very much on-trend. He describes the haircut as sporting really short, clipper-cut sides with disconnected and highly texturized length on top. Most of this length is in the front, which offers absolute versatility.

"Guys want a versatile cut," says Dobbert. "That way they can wear it straight back, Mad Men style, with volume and texture or even up amped up into a classic pomp. It's a very 'barbershop' kind of look with a clean, hard hairline, a carved-out part line, internal texture and a ton of ways to wear it."  

Some of the products that Dobbert suggests for these looks? Try Keratin Complex Iconic Polish, a high shine pomade or MoldeMe matte texturizing cream.