Camille was in need of some serious color correction.  She used a box of at-home black color on her hair that had grown out approximately an inch.  Her natural color was a medium brown and there was a layer of red under the black home dye job. For the end result, Tracy first stripped out the black then created a brilliant shiny copper-red with some hidden secrets of gold and a few bits of very warm brown for sultry dimension.

For Camille’s design, a short, rounded and graduated cut was created that features a bold asymmetrical line. This instills a mod shape to accent her classic features, while the robust copper red contrasts her soft and very pale coloring.

To style, Tracy started on wet hair and applied Extreme Anti-Snap, a leave in conditioning treatment, and Active Express Quick Treat, a very light spray on gel, as well as Smooth Down Heat Glide on the ends. Next she blow-dried with a Denman brush and finished the surface with a round brush. Once completely dry, a very small amount of Heat Glide is smoothed over the top from roots to ends for shine.

To create a slightly stronger silhouette, Tracy added wefts to elongate the detached area above Camille’s right ear. She also included a few intensely copper hair pieces around the right perimeter for an additional punch of color.

Hair: Tracy Guthrie-Vastag

Makeup: Stephanie Mayo